Finding the Right Partner for your Purchase

written by Heidi Marshall

Be a Proactive Purchaser

Purchasing a home for the first time can be an emotional roller coaster. From the idea of purchasing to going to the closing table, I'd be honored to be your guide through the process.

Having the right partner with you on this journey is the most important aspect of purchasing a home. Whether its me, or another agent, I want you to feel 100% that you are working with someone that is fully engaged in supporting YOU!

To aid you in your search, here are some questions you can ask your potential real estate candidates: 


  • How can I expect to be communicated with? Phone, Email, Text, Facebook messenger, etc. 
  • What is your communication style? Short an to the point or more soft and gentle/nurturing


  • How many agents are in your office? (This is good to know in case the agent you choose has a question they can't answer...chances are, someone in their brokerage has an answer)
  • Do you have reliable partners you can refer me to? Lenders, Title representatives, Inspectors, Engineers, etc.


  • How many buyers do you currently work with? (This is making sure the agent has time for a Seller's market, being available to show homes in a timely matter will be a make or break situation)
  • Do you work weekends? What are your business hours (Best to understand their availability from the start. Agents are people too so make sure you both have schedules that mesh well)
  • Do you have any vacations coming up? If so, who will be assisting you while away?


The Agent Perspective

I highly recommend meeting with a potential partner for coffee. Get to know them as a person. Depending on your price range, location, and home requirements, you may spend quite a bit of time with your agent. Make sure you feel 100% about the partnership. 

Agents also have requirements from the Colorado Real Estate Commission (CREC) that must be followed. If your agent provides you with a Brokerage Disclosure to Buyer...they are doing their job and are making sure they are in compliance. Don't run away from this's a disclosure and will not solidify an agency agreement...that comes a little later and you will learn about all the contracts from your trusted agent. 

Some questions a potential agent may ask you when you meet are: 

  • Have you bought or sold a home before?
  • What sources have you been using to view homes on the market?
  • Are you set up on a search with another agent?
  • Are you purchasing a home with cash or will you obtain a loan? If a loan is the answer you give, they may follow up with: Have you spoken with a lender for a pre-approval?
  • Have you signed an agency agreement with any other agents? 
  • What is your timeline to be in a new place? Why is this important? 
  • What are your NEEDS and WANTS in your new home?